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The Barred Labyrinth

ScreenShot Image : The Barred Labyrinth - First person view 3D maze exploration game for Silverlight®

The Barred Labyrinth is a simple first person view 3D maze exploration game designed for Microsoft® Silverlight®. Enjoy promptly-playable miniatured virtual realistic exploration of a little tricky and mysterious labyrinth.

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How-to-Play Instructions

Choose the dimensions of maze on the title window and click "Start" button to begin exploration. Walk around in the maze by arrow keys or W,S,A,D keys and find the "Exit-Door" of the labyrinth that is placed somewhere. Two dimensional top-view map that is automatically composed as you go through passsages, may greatly help you avoid losing way. However there are gratings in the labyrinth that prevent you to go straight to the destination (gratings won't appear in two dimensional map). Overcome puzzling 3D maze well and get out of the labyrinth successfully.

Game-Play Results

The exploration gets over, as you reach the exit. And a detailed report about your game-play will be shown, which contains time, distance, speed and total rating of your exploration. The rating is determined primarily by total distance you traveled during exploration. To earn high rating, choose ways well tactically and effectively so that you can reach the exit by the shortest route.

You can obtain a copy of your gameplay results in text format by clicking on COPY link button. Share your results on your websites, blogs, public profiles of social networking services or forums in your favorite internet communities. Compete with your friends and have more fun!

Frequently Asked Questions

*If you have questions to be put here, please write an email to the contact address through "feedback" link in the footer of this web-page.

Appendix: The SciFi Story behind the Barred Labyrinth

Screen-shot Image : Wall paintings in The Barred Labyrinth - First person view 3D maze exploration game for Microsoft .NET Framework for Silverlight

Finally, you'd found the heart of ruins of ancient world through an absolutely tough excavation fulfilled after intensive archeological studies for years and years. — The engravings carved on stone walls vividly describes the life of the human species that is belieaved to have flourished in the Cloud Era (around A.D.201X). These findings are expected to shed definitive light on still controversial interpretations of the history around the era. — However, you found that the path to return home is closed up with rigid iron-bars that were not seen when you came here. Now you have to find another way to get delivered out of the labyrinth, to earn heroic status as a great archeological evangelist back in homeland.


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